Transformation Success Stories

By Jessie on December 06, 2017

Transformation Success Stories at Iconic Fitness


Ghadeer Jaamour Eita

Ghadeer is a busy mom of two young boys. Amid the chaos of being a full-time mother, running a household, managing programs for children’s allergy awareness in the UAE, and planning around a husband who travels every for work, Ghadeer felt she had stopped taking care of herself!

In 3 months on the Transformation program, Ghadeer lost 7cm around her waist and 4% body fat. She gained 3kg in lean mass and can now do an unassisted pull-up, as well as deadlift her own body weight at least 5 times!

Ghadeer went from being in physiotherapy for neck and shoulder therapy to being able to complete multiple CrossFit sessions in a week without any pain, even while performing demanding movements like snatches and cleans. She also achieved her goal of being able to run a 10k with her husband!.

Ghadeer says, “Without Coach Hannes’ positive energy I wouldn’t have done it! He is amazing, super-duper, the best, and yes I’ll say it - amazeballs! Thanks for believing in me and pushing me to achieve my dream - running 10km is checked out the bucket list, thanks for going the extra mile to help me! I’m so proud of myself and wouldn’t have done it without your help; I owe you big time.”

Amit Kumar

Amit joined us to lose weight and improve overall health. An orthopedic surgeon working long hours at the hospital, he was battling inactivity caused by a serious knee injury, and was nervous about how we would be able to accommodate this condition into his training.

In just 8 weeks on the Transformation program, Amit lost 7cm from his waist, 5cm from his hips, and 5cm from his thighs. He gained 3.5kg of lean mass while losing 7kg of fat.

Amit says, “Hannes! More people must know know about your amazing job in transforming people who are in need. I can now enjoy training again like I did many years ago without any issues.”

Gwendy Krijger

Gwendy joined the Transformation program to reclaim her health. As a marketing & communications executive in Dubai who sometimes traveled as much as two weeks per month, she wanted to find a solution to retake control over her fitness and wellbeing.

Over the course of her training, Gwendy has lost 6.2kg of fat, as well as 4cm from her waist, 6cm from her hips, and 3cm around each arm.She has dropped 6% body fat and added 3kg of lean mass.

Gwendy went from feeling like it would be “crazy” for her to run a 5k, to running 10k without stopping. When she rain the 10k, she said, “I was amazed at how I never felt out of breath the whole way. It wasn’t fast but that wasn’t the goal - the fact that I didn’t give up and I WANTED to continue made me so chuffed!”

Gwendy has also seen awesome non-scale victories, like finally fitting into a pair of Ann Taylor trousers that she bought on a work trip to the US 3 years ago. Gwendy reflects: “when I bought them, I was 7-8kg LIGHTER than I am now and even then they were a bit of a squeeze. In typical style, I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll lose some weight and they’ll fit!’ They never really did. Today I tried them on and not only do they fit but they fit very nicely - the best ever. Lesson here: Forget the scales, focus on the fitness and your food and BOOM - results will come. Thanks for getting me on the right track!”

Much to her surprise, Gwendy has mastered a variety of high-level CrossFit skills including box jumps and snatches, and now regularly holds her own in the 6AM CrossFit class! She says, “Oh my word, this makes me smile from ear to ear with pride. I can play with the big girls and boys now… thanks for the sideline cheers and confidence getting here!”

Dimitri Vergos

Dimitri started the Transformation program to address chronic lower back pain that prohibited him from doing many activities, including running.

Dimitri says, “My feedback on the Lower Back Fix can only be positive. Before we started training together, I had discomfort all the time. What I liked about the program is the gradual steady pace. You take it a step at a time and if you need to, you take a step back! Having witnessed the benefits of getting stronger and slowly being able to do the things I love without being in pain or scared, I can only say thumbs up and keep on rocking. With correct training, guidance, and monitoring, I’m in so much better shape than when I started.”

Zoe McMath

Zoe is a marketing manager in her early 30s. She joined Iconic Fitness as a CrossFit client, but realized that the lower back pain she had endured for several years prior was interfering with her love of CrossFit and running. She joined the Transformation program to participate in the Lower Back Fix, and after her first cycle, her response was, “For the first time in months I am now able to run 10km without pain - thank you, Hannes!”

Zoe says, “I really enjoyed the LBF and I definitely believe that this has helped with my back issues. As I progressed on the program, I really started to see a change in my body as well as my back pain, so for me this was very motivating. Prior to this, I couldn’t run for 3 months and running is what I love, so the fact that this program helped me get back out there was really winning! Hannes is a very motivating coach, as I felt that he really understood my back problems and what I needed from the program. I loved the experience!”


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